Seven Hills Food

Seven Hills Food is a multifaceted team of passionate individuals committed to fostering a sustainable regional food economy here in Virginia. We have begun with an abattoir and a meat company. These projects will make food from Virginia and the Mid-Atlantic more readily available in our region and beyond. By developing a network of producers, processors and distributors, Seven Hills Food will facilitate the growth of our area's rich food ecosystem.

Seven Hills Abattoir

Seven Hills Abattoir is a the largest independent slaughter facility in Virginia. Purpose-built as an abattoir in the early 1900's, the building's brick walls are a reflection of Virginia's deep agricultural and industrial roots. We have infused the historic physical space of the abattoir with modern meat processing technology - both software and hardware - to make our processes safer and more efficient. This marriage of history and technology will help us provide our customers new-world precision with old-world flavor and care. From custom packing for smaller Virginia farmers to wholesale orders for grocery stores, butcher shops and restaurants, Seven Hills Abattoir is the top resource in the region for beef processing.

Seven Hills Meat Company

Seven Hills Meat Company is a wholesaler of premium Virginia meat products. By sourcing directly from producers and cooperatives, we take the time to learn about the high quality products that growers entrust us to process, market and sell. We seek to maintain that transparency throughout the process, from grower to customer. We are here to work with producers both small and large to bring a variety of Virginia meat to the market.

Our Heritage

For nearly a century, the plant on Holliday Street in Lynchburg has processed Virginia-grown meat. The facility was purpose-built as an abattoir and we are now just the fourth tenant in its long history. These buildings are a rarity in this era, often converted for other industry, into lofts, or even torn down. We have protected the heritage and integrity of the building while updating it's physical infrastructure and implementing modern meat-processing technology. We believe these updates will allow future generations to continue looking back on the plant as a strong part of Virginia's agricultural and economic heritage.